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I love Watchmen. Love it to pieces. My boyfriend bought me Ultimate Watchmen(basically the novel but with some extra material at the end) and I turned to the character profiles. Each described the character and noted underneath what their 'way of viewing the world' was. I turned to Laurie's profile, and she didn't have one. She had no way of viewing the world, while all the men did. I couldn't help but be a little annoyed, but then I forgot about it.

Then I remembered it again.

I think Alan Moore is good at writing female characters- actually, he's good at writing any characters, but the female ones always seem to particularly stand out. Mina from League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Evey from V for Vendetta generally outshinethe men in intelligence and leadership.

Then you have Laurie, the Silk Spectre, and her mother- two of only three female superheroes in the whole book. I like Sally a lot, and think she is far more complex than Watchmen could explore- Sally could have a whole novel of her own. Laurie's my favourite character- why does she not have a world view, an opinion?

I don't think Watchmen is anti-feminist. But let's take a look. Comment with your thoughts if you like- there's no way I've analysed everything.

The women of Watchmen )
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Title: kindle a light
Author: sarah531
Rating: R
Fandom: Watchmen
Characters: Sally Jupiter
Summary: Months, weeks, days after the assault she thinks she might be pregnant. She knows her would-be rapist didn't get that far, yet it's all she can think about. The kid would look like Eddie, it would grow up to be like him, and her awful fate would be to love it anyway.

kindle a light )
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Yay, iconmaking!

Credit if you want, comment if you want, don't hotlink, more stuff at Starlit Blue. :)

the superhuman crew )
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My 'proper' Watchmen review. Kinda more negative than my inital reactions were...

30 Women

Mar. 6th, 2009 09:27 pm
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Okay, this is a challenge [ profile] antistar_e is doing, and it's a wonderful idea and I want to do it too. :p

The challenge is to write 30 ficlets for 30 women. (I believe orginally it said fabulous women...but some of these people are downright nasty characters.)

The List )
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It's not bad, really. Just not quite what I'd call great.

Spoilers )
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I always wanted to make the Watchmen movie. Probably I knew all along that the chances of me becoming a film director and getting to direct Watchmen were slim, but I always hoped it would stay in development until I grew up and went to Hollywood. But someone beat me to it, and now it's about to come out and I feel, I don't know, that it shouldn't have been a movie at all. Now whenever anyone talks about Watchmen, they'll talk about 'the blockbuster movie', and not the book, and the movie will be the first thing many people think of when Watchmen is mentioned. I'm excited to see the movie, I truly am, but...the awesomely cool and clever graphic novel is now The Movie, and it probably will eclipse the book, and I'm kinda sad about that.
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Watchmen trailer has hit the internet

It looks beautiful and I love that song they chose. has always been my not-so-secret dream to make the Watchmen movie. Not long after I read the book for the third or fourth time I got a new folder and started making storyboards in it. I secretly hoped that the film would stay lost in development until I was old enough to learn to direct and shift myself to Hollywood. Still, now I technically am old enough to learn to direct, and I haven't yet. Sigh.

Please at least make it good, production team. Don't change the ending like I heard you were going to. That'd just be stupid.

In other news...have all you lot got The Dark Knight already? I'm sure we don't get it for another few days! :o

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