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Christ, Call The Midwife is bleak and depressing today...
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Okay, I really can't handle Accused anymore, it's so bleak and depressing and everyone's either incompetent, evil or dead.

Good acting though.
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Well Accused is a barrel of laughs
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I used to really love American Dad. I hate Family Guy, but I love American actually tried to have a point sometimes, which was nice. And I liked the characters. But now I've just finished Series Six, and I don't really like it anymore. Not the way I used to...

Does anyone care about old American Dad spoilers? Well, let's cut it anyway )

Eternal Law

Jan. 5th, 2012 10:05 pm
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(That new ITV drama about lawyer angels.

Full of gaping gaps in logic and bad dialogue, and yet I LOVED it. I really adored the main character, mostly. I like fish-out-of-water stories, and people who go around being awestruck at ladybirds. Plus, you know- it's angels and demons who are lawyers. I was sold from the first shot.
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Did anyone catch Charlie Brooker's Black Mirror last night? I thought it was really good. Very disturbing, but very good.

I think my view of human life is more optimistic than Brooker's is, though. I can't see so many people watching a man in mental agony for hours, not turning off their screens. Not so many. Surely...

And that twist at the end was nasty. Before that, I was almost expecting it to be the princess herself who was behind it all- she'd grown tired of the pressures on her and decided to mix things up a bit, or something along those lines. Like a comment on how Kate Middleton and Diana before her were expected to act- loved by all, the People's Princess, all that jazz. But no, it wasn't that. It was a test of society, and we didn't come out of it well...

Hey, would you watch the tape of the Prime Minister doing what he had to do? What if it was David Cameron?
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Been watching turned out to be really brilliant, although the ending was maybe a bit of a letdown. Not by much, but spoilers )

And River Song was in it!
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Finally actually watching Supernatural...I've seen bits of it but now I'm actually watching series five Properly, in order and all that.

It's bloody good, isn't it?
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Interesting how Law And Order UK always mentions that it's not based on real events, even though darn near EVERYONE in the UK will recognize the (horrible) true story behind that.

(Lighter: Yay Freema!)
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Again, I really wish I'd started watching this earlier. :(

Chris is great, I think he may be my favourite character. I like him a lot more than I like Gene. I never get the love for Gene, I know he's an icon and all that but he's also a racist, sexist, homophobic bastard. Can you imagine actually spending time with him? Which I suppose is the actual point of Life On Mars and Ashes To Ashes, but anyway...

Keeley Hawes is really really brilliant. What else has she been in?
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Ashes to Ashes finishes soon, so I thought I'd watch it tonight. Darnit, now I wish I'd watched from the start...

I loved it, it was brilliant BRILLIANT telly. Chris and Ray and 'can I have your mug?' was my favourite bit. There's no way I'm going to be able to see the whole two (three?) series of it before the finale, so I might have to head to Wikipedia to educate myself on what the heck is going on. (I did read some bits and pieces about it in the Radio Times, though, so I did mostly follow the mysterious Sam related bits.)

You know, I hate the ending of Life On Mars. (More on that some other time.) I hope Ashes to Ashes makes that ending better.

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