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This is fabulous, fabulous, fabulous, all Harry Potter fans must read. Or something.

I went to see They Might Be Giants in London last night. It was awesome, but the awesomeness was marred by having a cold. (Whenever I have anything I have tickets for, something I can't get out of, I always have a cold.) Anyhoo.

I still haven't seen Torchwood, is it worth it?


Jul. 12th, 2009 10:25 pm
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Have been away from LJ for, um, probably about a month now. We've moved house, you see, and now have a lovely new apartment. So that took up quite a bit of time.

Oh man, I watched Torchwood...

Children Of Earth spoilers )
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One more thing about Torchwood: this is only a rumour, but if true it's so awesome it deserves it's own post.

More spoilers )

SO MUCH AWESOME if it's true...
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Spoilers )

I have one plot bunny after that episode, but I bet loads of other people will write it to...
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One thing I was never quite able to fathom about the Torchwood finale: did Abadon/the end of days actually happen or was it reset? It was reset for Rhys (i.e. he wasn't dead anymore) but what about the people killed by Abadon? I should probably watch that episode again. Meh.

But I realised- if it did definately happen in the Whoniverse, and if it's true that in Earth time Martha's only with the Doctor for four days or so (it is according to RTD, I think), then the Whoniverse experiences...

-The end of days
-The Royal Hope hospital being transported to the moon
-The Lazarus monster
-Saxon's rise to power less than a week. I imagine by Series Four, people will barely look up from their papers when an alien invades. :p
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Well, I'll be darned. I haven't given much thought to Torchwood for ages...I haven't even seen episode 9 yet...but that? Was one of the best bits of television I've seen for months.

( week is the Noel Clarke episode!)
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So I finally got around to watching Torchwood episode 5...and it SCARED THE HELL OUT OF ME. *wibbles*


Oct. 30th, 2006 05:38 pm
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Torchwood )

Robin Hood )

By the way, I bought a £75 jumper today. The most I've ever spent on a single item of clothing. But it is a very nice jumper.

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