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Sometimes I fear that all the truths we cling to depend greatly on our point of view.
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It's not really done yet, I guess, I'm probably going to add more characters, but I wanted to know what you guys thought of it. :D

Star Wars wallpaper, and icons made from it )

30 Women

Mar. 6th, 2009 09:27 pm
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Okay, this is a challenge [ profile] antistar_e is doing, and it's a wonderful idea and I want to do it too. :p

The challenge is to write 30 ficlets for 30 women. (I believe orginally it said fabulous women...but some of these people are downright nasty characters.)

The List )
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Credit if you want (it's nice!), comment if you want, don't hotlink, more stuff at Starlit Blue. :)

Screencaps are from ewan-captures, [ profile] deadbetty and In A Dream Movie Caps

Featured: All the live-action movies plus a few Expanded Universe

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I vaguely remember doing this for Mother's Day, so now that it's Father's Day...

Give me a father or father figure from any fandom I know (let's say Star Wars, Spider-Man movieverse, new Doctor Who, Harry Potter, and any movie or book you've heard me mention more than once) and I'll write a drabble about them. :)
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I hate having unreliable internet! Though I suppose I should consider myself lucky I have it at all.

Anyway, let's do a meme, found on my travels through LJ...

Give me two characters from two different fandoms with which I am familiar, and I'll invent a relationship for them. In drabble format, no less.

Fandoms I can do: Star Wars, Spider-Man (movieverse), new Doctor Who, Holes, Harry Potter
Fandoms I can just about do: X-Men (movieverse), Life on Mars, Pokemon, Digimon, the BBC's Robin Hood, Torchwood, LOTR

And if I've forgotten one, remind me by giving me a character. ;)
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My Return of the Jedi novelisation (which is one of my prized pocessions) used to belong to someone called Paul O' Dwyer. His name is in the front.

Wonder if he's around the fandom at all? Probably not, but hey.
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My Day )
Well, that's it. It was brilliant. Now that was a Star Wars movie...

...and so were the other five. ;)
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I didn't like it as much as I liked the teaser trailer, but *giggles*

Cut for spoilers )

Screenshots, icons and the like coming soon. :)
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Meme nicked from [ profile] dayse

List your favourite fandom moments.

Cut for length )
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Look at this picture. Look at the expressions on their faces. Look at how close they are to each other. Look at how desperate Obi-Wan looks. Look at how uncertain Anakin looks. Bear in mind that in several years time one of them will kill the other in cold blood.

And then tell me Episode III isn't going to rock. :D

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