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Guys- y'all know Andrew Garfield has been talking about how Peter Parker should be bisexual? He really did mean it, very much so, by all accounts. And he was keen for his love interest to be Michael B Jordan, and...Michael B Jordan auditioned for Harry.


Guys. My OTP nearly became canon- I'd never have imagined that in a million years. Bloody hell.

And, much more importantly, there could have been a interracial bisexual romance in a mainstream superhero film, I have no idea how much influence Andrew Garfield actually holds over the Spider-Man franchise but he wanted that. Just imagine how big and how amazing, AMAZING, that would have been. Damn.
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(Well, I say first annual.)

Rules )

Have at it, y'all.
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The Amazing Spider-Man sequel has its Harry, in the form of Dane Dehaan. Who apparently was really good in Chronicle, which I haven't seen. Still! Harry is like one of my fictional fictional characters ever, so I'm just glad he's in there.
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It's been more or less confirmed now that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will use "The Death Of Gwen Stacy" as its storyline, and it has been confirmed that Shailene Woodley is going to play Mary Jane. As is par for the course when a woman is cast in a well-known role, her Tumblr tag and discussion elsewhere is full of "But she's just not pretty enough!", as well as what I'm starting to call the "Oh my god, only one woman per franchise!" style of misogyny...

But enough of that. I wonder how they're going to do it. As a completely wild guess, I'd say Peter will meet MJ first as Harry's girlfriend, meet Norman through Harry, and be having quite a nice time (sucker!) with his new friends when the inevitable happens. MJ will break up with Harry -although he probably won't have a drug problem in this one- and go to comfort Peter after Gwen's death, setting things up for their romance in the second sequel.

I'll also bet my entire collection of hats that they'll go the Ultimate Spider-Man route with the Green Goblin and have him just transform into a huge green demon thing, rather than attempting to do something new with a costume that probably won't ever not look silly on the big screen...

Anyway, poor Gwen- we just met her and there's already plans for her death. Ironically, the thing that saddens me most about that is the fact that she has a family in this one- a still-living mother and some kid brothers. (Whose addition I really love, incidentally.) They'll barely be over the death of their father before their sister goes too. I don't think this is going to be a fun movie!

And, of course, Gwen's only seventeen in this one. I hope they set the sequel a good few years after the first movie, because I don't think many people will be able to handle a summer blockbuster centering around the brutal killing of a teenage girl...

(Also on the topic of Gwen's role in the Spider-Man movies: This.)

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This one is for the folks on Tumblr- I've met a whole bunch of Spider-Man fans on there and they're all really nice.

Anyone reading this journal knows what we're all going to be talking about tomorrow, so there's a chance this might get lost in the shuffle- but I really wanted to post it today. Hope no-one minds. Here we go-

Title: Safe Hands
Author: [ profile] sarah531
Rating: PG13, I think
Warnings: References to child abuse
Summary: Harry meets Gwen in the afterlife.

Safe Hands )

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Hey, I saw it!

I still prefer the Raimi ones- I LOVE the Raimi ones. But this was pretty good too.

What I liked )

What I didn't like )

Also: )

I still think it's missing the essential ingredients that made the original movies so great, though. The cheesiness, the the overriding theme of everyone just being good and pulling together and Spider-Man having help all the time and the villains never being entirely bad. (Except for Venom, I suppose.) I remember on my first day of Film Studies class, when we were asked to talk about our favourite movies, I said of Spider-Man 2, "It feels like it was made just for me," and that's a pretty rare thing, something I didn't get with this movie. Still liked it, though.
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Regardless of your thoughts on the Iraq War, Amazing Spider-Man #574 is a really good read. :(
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Icon nine: Don't you love Ursula? I love Ursula. She rocked.

Features all three movies!

With great power- )

30 Women

Mar. 6th, 2009 09:27 pm
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Okay, this is a challenge [ profile] antistar_e is doing, and it's a wonderful idea and I want to do it too. :p

The challenge is to write 30 ficlets for 30 women. (I believe orginally it said fabulous women...but some of these people are downright nasty characters.)

The List )
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Credit if you want (it's nice!), comment if you want, don't hotlink, more stuff at Starlit Blue. :)

Brushes by me and [ profile] ennife
Screencaps are from my screencap site, [ profile] _jems_, [ profile] ariane179254 and [ profile] edele

Featured: Spider-Man, Iron Man, V for Vendetta, X-Men

With great power... )
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Small selection of icons and wallpapers. :)

For you to hold on to )
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This has been in the works since before Spider-Man 3, so it's about time I actually posted it...

I Will Make You Hurt )
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I think I have figured out the secret to these movies, y'know. It's that all the characters and relationships in them would still work even without the superhero stuff.

Spoilers! )

In conclusion: awesome. Possibly I shall do a more coherent review later. Right now, I'm off to commit fanfiction...
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It's not long till 7pm...

...although it seems like it. :p

I was wondering if there was any reason the BBC DW website people picked Spider-Man 2 for Rose's favourite movie (well, I'm assuming it's them behind those profiles on website version 12, and not RTD or anyone...) and then it hit me- the hero of that movie is called Peter, just like Rose's dad.

I love the BBC Doctor Who site. Seriously. :D

Spidey 3

Mar. 22nd, 2005 05:35 pm
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In today's random-fandom news: Thomas Hayden Church is playing a/the villain in Spider-Man 3

So because I've been meaning to post this for aaaages, and because I've already posted what I would like to happen in the upcoming chapters of my other Big Fandoms-Spidey 3 predictions/rambles )

Truth be told, though? As long as they keep Sam Raimi as the director (which they are) I'm not too worried. :)
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I was looking through my vast collection of Spider-Man 2 screencaps and something jumped out at me...

You see the woman in the portrait next to Harry? Is that Mrs Osborn? His mother? Because she looks like him, whoever she is...

EDIT: And Harry has the same picture in his apartment. (You have to look closely for it, but it's there). Guess that settles it. ;)

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