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Is it not out in America yet??? Have we actually had two films this year before America???? What's going on but SEE IT AS SOON AS YOU CAN
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I saw Pacific Rim! It was really good. Here, have some spoilers.
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I saw Man Of Steel today! Four spoilery thoughts beneath the cut:

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This is going to be a rambling cross-platform review! Be prepared! And note that I am entirely ignorant of most of Star Trek and all my knowledge of the in-jokes comes from that Star Trek episode of Futurama...

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Iron Man 3

Apr. 25th, 2013 06:43 pm
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I'm not complaining but I'm REALLY SURPRISED we got this before America did? Because the plot is very twisty and with the internet the way it is I'll be amazed if anyone lasts til the American release date without accidentally being spoiled and basically this just adds to my theory that movie companies have absolutely no idea about social media at all.

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Damn but Hot Fuzz is a CLEVER MOVIE

Like at the beginning when Nick and the old lady are exchanging crossword clues and she says 'Fascism! Wonderful' and fascism is precisely what the NWA were practising...

Or that Nick is set apart from the NWA by only a hair's breadth: note the repeated line about 'the village's rustic aethestic'. The NWA are basically Nick taken up to 11, what with their obsession with order and (twisted) justice. 'The common good of the community' is the goal of them both. And all the people Nick arrests at the beginning are the ones who show up dead later (he's an Angel of death).

AND THEN IT'S LIKE Danny shows up to humanise Nick and turn him far far away from that direction (not that Nick would ever have started killing people, but who knows what anyone might do For The Greater Good?) and then they have this awesome relationship and make a perfect team and SO HELP ME IT'S SUCH A BRILLIANT FILM ON EVERY CONCIEVABLE LEVEL
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When I was in high school, our drama group put on a production of Les Miserables. I'd never seen it before, and I didn't know what to expect, but it blew my mind. It was done on a tiny budget (Javert's jump into the river was represented by a string of lights suddenly flickering on and off) but the acting and singing was professional-grade level, I'm not even kidding. To this day- almost a decade later - it's the best thing I've ever seen on stage.

And the movie was good too!

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Just a(nother) thought on M's role in Skyfall..

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I saw Skyfall today!

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Hollywood Executive 1: We have a book here called 'World War Z', it deals with the global impact of a zombie outbreak, features many different cultures and politics, explores the stories of many countries-

Hollywood Executive 2: Yes! I'm seeing, "White American Man Saves World From Zombies"

HE1: No, it's not about-

HE2: Get me Brad Pitt on the phone!

HE: No, you've missed the point entirely-

HE2: There aren't nearly enough movies about a man protecting his wife and kids from danger! We need to get Brad Pitt an adorable family! Is Angelina busy? Yes? Get me someone else!

HE1: But there's a huge, diverse cast in this book-


HE1: Look, can we at least get the actual zombies right-

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Also on the list of Films I Find Terrifying That Weren't Really Meant To Be Terrifying: Cloverfield.


Aug. 15th, 2012 05:55 pm
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Hooray I finally saw Brave about five billion years after everyone else

It was really good. And it's SO NICE to see a mother/daughter story, because man, there's like none of them. (Thousands of father/son stories, of course...) Heck, I reckon even if I hadn't liked this I'd have still been glad it actually existed.

But I did like it! I liked Queen Eleanor the best. Also Merida and her hair. (Her hair was practically a character in itself.) And I LOVED that she didn't have a romantic interest. A lesser production team would have had her hook up with one of the suitors, and I'm so glad they didn't do that.

Also I loved that there wasn't a villain. spoiler )

Yes. Good movie. Very good movie.
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Hey, I saw it!

I still prefer the Raimi ones- I LOVE the Raimi ones. But this was pretty good too.

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I still think it's missing the essential ingredients that made the original movies so great, though. The cheesiness, the the overriding theme of everyone just being good and pulling together and Spider-Man having help all the time and the villains never being entirely bad. (Except for Venom, I suppose.) I remember on my first day of Film Studies class, when we were asked to talk about our favourite movies, I said of Spider-Man 2, "It feels like it was made just for me," and that's a pretty rare thing, something I didn't get with this movie. Still liked it, though.
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I really loved The Dark Knight Rises. One thing you may not know about me is that my icon up there ^ is true, I really do want everything I've ever seen in the movies. Bane and the Joker and R'as Al Ghul? Bring those fuckers on! Watching the last of a movie series I'd loved since my teens, I really did want everything it was showing, even the terrible things.

Then I got back home. And a terrible thing actually had happened. And there was, unfortunately, not a Batman in sight. But I don't want to think about that, not really, I think I'd rather talk about the movie. For now.

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Oh god you guys, I have a terrible confession. I actually enjoyed that more than the book.


On another note, THANK YOU filmmakers for refusing to pander to the strangely Twilight-obsessed media and downplaying the love triangle- even downplaying the actual love story! Cos Hunger Games isn't a love story, it's about one girl-turned-woman's battle for survival, and I love that.
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Not as good as the first film (which is easily in my top ten favourite movies ever) but not bad. Pretty darn good in fact.


Super 8

Aug. 21st, 2011 07:55 pm
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The last person in the world to see Super 8? Possibly me!

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Using my War Of The Worlds icon because this had quite a bit in common with that, too. Namely the parent/child theme and the presence of a Fanning...
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Seen this today! It is ape-tastic. I've never seen the original but now I want to, so I guess you can say the film did its job in that regard. And Andy Serkis is fabulous, although he always is.

But! Why cast Freida Pinto if you're going to give her nothing to do? She might as well have not been in the film for all she actually did, she had no personality, no meaningful lines...why, oh movie company, why? Is she just there so they can have A Girl? Huh.
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I can't take Fight Club's anti-consumerism message seriously when you can buy your very own Fight Club soap...

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