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Misfits fans will have heard, obviously, about Lauren Socha and her racist attack on a taxi driver and how she’s now off the show. (If you haven’t…) I am so disappointed and angry about it…she punched that guy, and told him. “I’ll have your family lifted,” and used racial slurs and…yeah. Her career is pretty much over now I imagine, and I don’t remotely feel sorry for her.

But I still really like Kelly. As in, she’s one of my favourite TV characters ever. So now it’s going to be really hard watching her and not seeing a violent, nasty racist. :(

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(warning...rape and sexual assault)

I watched Misfits season one and two in the wrong order, so my perspective on Simon...kinda went all over the place. In Series Two he's sort of set up to be the paragon of goodness...he's an Actual Hero and he saves people and dies for Alisha and stuff. But in Series One...he looks up Kelly's skirt when she's unconcious. Comes very close to actually putting his hand up her skirt, too. (I believe he actually touches her leg, than gets scared and leaves). And he spies (invisibly) on the girls when they're getting changed...he goes right up to Alisha and sniffs her, and she has no way of knowing he's even there. Plus, well, he didn't exactly kill Sally (it was a strange combination of accident and self-defense) but he did keep her in a freezer and drop in every now and again to eat ice-cream with her corpse. Which I think we can agree is not healthy behaviour.

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Now there is actually one defense for Simon's act of near-sexual assault, and that's this: It happened at a time when Curtis was messing with the timelines, so there's a chance it never happened at all. But it still demonstrates that Simon has that unpleasantness in him, and it doesn't excuse the other things he's done. I know lots of people like him- and yeah, in S2 and S3 he does do many good things and he does geniunely seem to love Alisha. (And she seems to love him back). Plus- he canonically has mental health issues, and it's good to see a main character on a superhero show who has them. (But that's a whole new can of worms, probably one I will open later). But it's like...he can be either a creepy weirdo (a popular character archetype, I know) or a loving boyfriend/superhero...but not both. Not without making that transition properly. So...yeah. Also I wrote a fanfic dealing with all this.
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Title: This One Time
Author: [ profile] sarah531
Rating: R
Warnings: Sexual assault, talk about rape
Summary: Kelly discovers a nasty truth about Simon.
A/n: Okay, that scene in 1x04 where Kelly's unconcious in the nightclub and Simon comes along and almost puts his hand up her skirt? I really don't like that scene, at all. So I wrote this. It has no real resolution.

This One Time )
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Title: The Female Assassin
Author: [ profile] sarah531
Rating: R
Spoilers: For 3x04, aka 'The Nazi Episode'
Summary: Kelly discovers her unexpected place in the history books.

The Female Assassin )
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Halp! Anyone know exactly what year Friedich (the old guy) travelled back in time to in Misfits 3x4? I need this for reasons.
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Kelly is now pretty much my favourite character in anything ever now.

THIS is how you do a let's-kill-Hitler )

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She's still a fooking rocket scientist )

Next week: A Simon fanboy?
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One Misfits wallpaper, all ready to go.

Click it to see it fullsize!
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Never change, Kelly Bailey

What the fook is brunch? )

I liked it, I like every darn episode of this show.
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Lookit what Dave drew for me!

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This took such a long time- I'm sorry for the funny cropping, a lot of these clips were watermarked. And some of them I had to take from the DVD extras. Long story. But...

Watch at vidders / Download from Megaupload

Find more videos like this on Vidders

Song: Superman's Dead
Artist: Our Lady Peace
Length: 4:17
Vidder: [ profile] sarah531

Enjoy yerselfs!
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Have finally watched Misfits series one...wanna hear about it?

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Been watching the repeats on channel four. Oh, I love this show, and all who sail in it.

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A little bunch of Kelly icons to celebrate Lauren Socha's BAFTA win. (Ain't she fabulous?)

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Title: Random Acts Of Kindness
Author: [ profile] sarah531
Rating: R
Summary: An outer-space take on how the gang got their powers.

Random Acts Of Kindness )
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Bad Misfits-related news

Woe. I'm assuming this doesn't count as a spoiler, so I'll just say...surely, surely they could find a clever way to recast Nathan? Instead of just giving him the boot? He's got superpowers! Turn him into a robot or a cloud of living gas or something!
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Want 'em, take 'em, treat 'em well.

14 Doctor Who
7 Misfits
5 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part one
9 Scott Pilgrim vs the World
5 The IT Crowd
9 various Doctor Who actors

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This show deserves a billion shiny icons, and here is my contribution. :D

But I don't love him, I love you. )
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I'm loving this show. It's so brilliantly mental.

Lactokinesis and alien babies! )

Now there's a whole year until the next series. :(

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