Dec. 31st, 2008 08:45 pm
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The other day I stumbled upon this blog entry. The story it tells is so sad, and I suspect it could have been easily prevented if more people knew what paracetamol does to you if you overdose. It isn't a case of getting a stomach pump and going home, it's a cry for help that ends up killing you, and it's such a tragic waste.

Lighter news:
Terry Pratchett's been made a knight!

Andrew Lloyd Webber's making Phantom of the Opera 2. John Barrowman might be in it, therefore conquering a bit more of the universe.
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A lovely interview with Elisabeth Sladen. Some interesting stuff there, I wonder what the 'down ending' of School Reunion would have been...

An interesting article about black British actors, making mention of Martha. It's interesting, and makes some points I've never thought about before...I can just about name five British black actors, but I really have to think about it, and virtually all of the ones I can think of were in Who...
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Nazanin Afshin-Jam is seriously one of the most awesome women I've heard of. She's been working to free her namesake, a girl who killed a rapist in self-defense, and...look, go see the documentary, it explains everything better than I can.

But still. Awesome lady. //fangirl
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This guy is just plain awesome. :O
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The 'Get DW Confidential Subtitled' campaign. Quite Important, I reckon.

Good fic that has been posted recently-

Pomegranate Seeds by [ profile] tenebraeli -wonderful, slightly scary Ten fic.

So Let The Bells Ring Out by [ profile] doyle_sb4 - a fantastic Mickey fic which is funny and touching all at once.

And that's it. But there will be Jackiefic along later, and multifandom icons along some other time.


Mar. 23rd, 2006 09:15 pm
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I always love reading everyone else's linkspams, so here's one of mine, featuring both links I've been saving up for ages and some very new ones. :)

First, an important one: Two missing boys in Milwaukee

And the rest )

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