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(Hello, folks here from tumblr!) Okay let's try this! I *love* fandom surveys, but I don't do them very often.

Results will be collected in a week and put in a snazzy graphic. If your favourite character didn't make it to the poll (I don't think I missed anyone, but I'm probably wrong) comment with their name, mmmkay?

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(A new fanmix idea I'm taking out on the road - one song for each character. Has it been done before? Almost definitely. But not by me!)

(...yes I am aware there was a musical...)

Listen to it here!

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That one time I said to myself, "wouldn't it be fun if you went through your vast music collection and picked out songs to correspond to all the major Les Mis songs?"

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Listen on 8tracks
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Ah yes surely you want to hear about Les Mis

IT WAS REALLY GOOD. Even from the row fourth from the back. EVERYONE SANG SO WELL AND ACTED SO WELL AND I REALLY LOVED IT, I wanna go round again

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SO Tumblr is like the worst place ever for uploading fanmixes because I wanted to stick all these DEEP AND MEANINGFUL lyrics under a readmore tag but I couldn't I could but it looked ugly so Livejournal gets it too. (Here it is on Tumblr.)

Enjolras/Grantaire is very overfanmixed as a ship but what the heck, I wanted a mix of my very own! You can listen to it on 8tracks, or I've stuck links to Youtube on all the songs.

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A week after Les Mis the movie, I took to the novel and the fandom and found a new OTP:

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When I was in high school, our drama group put on a production of Les Miserables. I'd never seen it before, and I didn't know what to expect, but it blew my mind. It was done on a tiny budget (Javert's jump into the river was represented by a string of lights suddenly flickering on and off) but the acting and singing was professional-grade level, I'm not even kidding. To this day- almost a decade later - it's the best thing I've ever seen on stage.

And the movie was good too!

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