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This stuff is seriously awesome! I'd never really tried it before, but it's great for making jewellery.

More stuff under this cut! )
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More jewellery. Not the most recent stuff, just some fun!

Pics )
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You know, it's time I used this LJ to talk about another big hobby of mine, jewellery making! I've been doing it for about a year now. IT IS SO AWESOME.
Especially working with polymer clay. I make my own beads from polymer clay, string them together, and it sounds boring but it is awesomely fun.

This is one of my favourite necklaces. I sold it a few days ago and now I think I should make another one, because I loved the colours. That sparkly stuff is glitter and leaf metal. I love leaf metal, it makes things SHINY.

Some more! )
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Made this today:

First elasticated bracelet I've made that didn't fall apart. Getting better at this. ;)

Ooh, and I made the beads too! And they're not too bad!
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Oh man, I've had an earache for about four days now.

Made some more jewellery! These are two of my favourites:

Liquorice allsorts bracelets!
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My jewellery store. :D

There's only three things there at the moment but more are going to be added soon. :) Folksy is awesome.

Hey guys

Aug. 19th, 2009 04:34 pm
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Honestly, would anyone pay money for these?

Click for pictures of jewellery, what I made myself )

You see, recently I took up jewellery-making as a hobby and I'm poor and I'm wondering if they're worth selling. :) Sorry the pictures are a bit blurry.

Any opinions are appreciated, even a 'you suck!'

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