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Credit if you want (it's nice!), comment if you want, don't hotlink, more stuff at Starlit Blue. :)

Brushes by me and [ profile] ennife
Screencaps are from my screencap site, [ profile] _jems_, [ profile] ariane179254 and [ profile] edele

Featured: Spider-Man, Iron Man, V for Vendetta, X-Men

With great power... )
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Featuring! 28 Days Later, A Series Of Unfortunate Events, Chicago, Moulin Rouge, The Phantom of the Opera, Holes, Pirates of the Caribbean, Life On Mars, X-Men, James Franco, Miranda Otto, and a bunch of shiny stock.

Enjoy, don't hotlink. :)

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More stuff at Starlit Blue, by the way.

Image credits: [ profile] indilime (the 28 Days Later ones), [ profile] callmefreak (the ASOUE ones), [ profile] hermintage (the POTC ones),,,
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-Don't hotlink
-Feel free to nominate but tell me where
-Don't modify
-More stuff at Starlit Blue

Wolverine/Rogue, anyone? )

By the way...there'll be some Firefly/Serenity icons along tomorrow, if anyone wants to stick around for that. :)
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-don't hotlink
-feel free to nominate but try and leave a comment
-more stuff at Starlit Blue, as always

Star Wars )

X-men )

Holes )

Wondering what that strange font in icon 8 is? My handwriting. :)
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Some X-Men icons. (Both movies) :) Comment, credit, don't hotlink, ok?

Character/shipper icons )
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-comment please. :)
-credit sarah531 in keywords
-don't hotlink
-you may nominate them for anything, you don't have to tell me. :)

X-men )

Star Wars )

Pirates Of The Caribbean )

-Brushes by [ profile] calixa and [ profile] quebelly
-Xmen screencaps by [ profile] bettencourt, [ profile] isabellecs, [ profile] butterflysxy and [ profile] castledracula (all found through [ profile] cap_it)

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