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-Doctor Who (lots of Amy and Amy/Rory)
-The Hunger Games
-Doctor Who cast (Karen, Arthur, Matt and Freema)

Textures are by planets-bend-between-us at Tumblr. Number 1 is from this bit of not-quite-art here, and Number 6 from this one.

Take, enjoy, credit, y'all!

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the hunger games )

misfits )

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Want 'em, take 'em, treat 'em well.

14 Doctor Who
7 Misfits
5 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part one
9 Scott Pilgrim vs the World
5 The IT Crowd
9 various Doctor Who actors

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Featuring Karen Gillan, Matt Smith, Carey Mulligan and Freema Agyeman

Are Matt and Karen not the most adorable things ever?

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Is Matt Smith's costume a spoiler? I'm gonna guess not since they've been in the news and all, but it's kinda hard to tell...

Series five and more )
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(you know the rules, probably- don't hotlink and don't say they're yours, not that I reckon anyone reading this is likely to do that.)

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(Odd combination, I know)

Credit if you want, comment if you want, don't hotlink, more stuff at Starlit Blue...

I'm not sure where some of these textures came from. The folder I got them from is named gekkahyoujin_auroralightstextures. Er, sorry if that's you, comment and you'll get the credit you deserve.


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8 of Freema Agyeman, 5 of Doctor Who (series four) and 7 of Torchwood. Enjoy. :)

Credit if you want, comment if you want, don't hotlink, more stuff at the shiny new Starlit Blue...

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