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for a hundred indecisions by [ profile] _thirty2flavors
Rose and her new Doctor end up discussing what became of Donna Noble. The voices are down perfectly, and oh, it's so sad. Lovely but sad, and makes you hurt for the Doctor even when he's done such questionable things.

Realization hits her like a bucket of cold water and she raises her eyebrows. “Oh, my God – she’s not even going to have a choice, is she?”

The New Adventures Of Supertemp by [ profile] athousandwinds
Donna post-Series Four. Something lovely and uplifting after Journey's End, featuring some characters you'd expect to see and one you might not. Gets Donna down perfectly too; her memories are gone but she's still her. And she deserves a happy ending.

Donna Noble," he says, still laughing. "Good for you, Donna. Good for you."

Threads That Are Golden Don't Break Easily by [ profile] paperclipbitch
I haven't the words to describe how much I love this: it's a Torchwood/Narnia crossover and not only does it work but it works beautifully. I'm not much of a Narnia fan but I've always been fascinated with the problem of Susan, and here she takes center stage and a whole new twist is put on her actions.

Susan frowns at him, as their waitress brings them salads to begin. “You’re not from around here either,” she says firmly. “You’re not from America. I don’t know where you’re from. Maybe not even this planet.”
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The 'Get DW Confidential Subtitled' campaign. Quite Important, I reckon.

Good fic that has been posted recently-

Pomegranate Seeds by [ profile] tenebraeli -wonderful, slightly scary Ten fic.

So Let The Bells Ring Out by [ profile] doyle_sb4 - a fantastic Mickey fic which is funny and touching all at once.

And that's it. But there will be Jackiefic along later, and multifandom icons along some other time.


Mar. 23rd, 2006 09:15 pm
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I always love reading everyone else's linkspams, so here's one of mine, featuring both links I've been saving up for ages and some very new ones. :)

First, an important one: Two missing boys in Milwaukee

And the rest )
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A Doctor Who fic rec: Faces by [ profile] tangledwood. It's Jackie/Pete, and it's just...lovely. The last bit especially...if you're even a little bit of a Jackie fan, you must read.

And by the way...the DW Friending Frenzy is onto four pages. Dude.

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