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You know who's quite underrated in Doctor Who fandom? Adelaide Brooke.

I mean, look at her. She's capable, clever, brave, and makes her own choices 100% of the way. She makes the choice to focus on her life's ambition instead of staying on Earth with her daughter...she's a mother whose motherhood is only a tiny part of her character, and she's not punished for it! She even outright says that the sacrifices she made were worth it, to stand on Mars...a mother, a grandmother, turning down traditional motherhood? And everyone's fine with that? Good lord!

She has no romantic interests whatsoever, not in the Doctor nor in anyone else...we don't even know who fathered her children. But she has 'starlight in her soul' the same way the Doctor does, and he completely respects her. And her crew respects her, and her family respects her, and her planet respects her, and even the bloody Daleks respect her! Yet (unlike the Doctor in this episode) she in turn respects them, and calls the Doctor out on his labelling Yuri and Mia 'little people'. Sure, other people (Donna, Rory, River) have tried to point out the Doctor's destructive nature, but she actually succeeded in making him rightly ashamed of himself.

In fact...she's completely the hero of The Waters Of Mars, more so than the Doctor is. She tells the Doctor that she followed the Daleks into space not for revenge ("What would be the point of that?") but to learn. She's compassionate enough not to instantly shoot her possessed crew members, or to shoot the Doctor come to that. And (most importantly) her decision to die shaped the future of not just Earth, but the whole universe. Even though she's initially desperate to survive, she knows what the Doctor is doing is wrong, and if fixing that means her death so be it. this episode, the whole universe is saved by a woman taking back a choice the Doctor tried to make for her!

So yeah. She's a pretty darn feminist character, I reckon, and that's good to see. Message ends!

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"Show me the man who says anything against women, as women, and I boldly declare he is not a man." -Charles Dickens, The Pickwick Papers

Steven Moffat ain't a feminist. He's said some really rubbish things, like that thing about how difficult it is to be a straight white male when it is most certainly not. Okay, I know a lot of quotes from him were taken out of context, but enough of them weren't. Like this one, which really got me:

"A young married couple without a kid? They're just dating. You tell yourself you're married, but really you're dating."

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"I'm a woman, so I am a feminist." / "All women are feminists by default."

Are this statements true or false? Do they make any sense whatsoever in my mind? In anyone else's mind? I dunno.
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I'm doing some research for a script I'm writing (expect a little_details post shortly) and I found...this. Please tell me it's not saying what I think it's saying. Tell me it's a rubbish joke. Tell me it's a satire. PLEASE
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When I first planned this post out in my head, I was gonna put at the top "Thankfully, there's no recent cases I know of." But then this happened, right near where I live. Sigh.

Okay. One night, I watched a documentary about a case where a very wealthy man, faced with the prospect of losing his wealth, killed his wife, teenage daughter and himself. I can't remember the names of anyone involved, but it was in the papers for a while. And it was pretty hard-hitting and my dad said to me that most men have that wired up in them, the idea that if they're going down they're taking everyone with them. So I watched that documentary, and then a few days later there was a show on BBC3 or something about comedy and comedians, with self-confessed arsehole Jim Davidson blathering on about how he hated women. And somehow it got into my head, these two very different documentaries about different things, they were probably connected somehow in one significant way...

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Caught my eye in the Guardian. I thought about it, quite a bit, and decided that in the end I didn't agree with the protesters- all the contestants chose to be there. I don't know, our society's concept of beauty and good looks above all is not a good thing- but women are always being told what not to do, in a way that men never ever are. Don't enter a beauty contest- don't decide to wear a burka- don't go out at night- don't sleep with too many men- don't be too thin -don't be too fat. Both men and women have rules for women, but no-one has more than very basic rules for men.
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Been reading a lot about Amy's journey in Series 6a, and the fact that in a way her main character arc there is 'getting pregnant, getting kidnapped, getting rescued'. Which from a feminist perspective is somewhat of a problem. That essay I did about Amy and the Monomyth is still in my head, so I'm just considering where Amy's been and where she's going next...

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So I was reading about what happened to journalist Lara Logan, and on the site there's all these tips about what women can do to avoid being raped, and one of them is 'urinate, deficate or vomit on yourself' if you're being attacked. So I got to thinking, instead of telling people to vomit on themselves, couldn't we just cut the nuts off rapists? And then I thought, okay, that's not the way, can't we just really really educate men about rape and the treatment of women?

Then I saw the Daily Mail talking about how Ms Logan 'has form for dressing provocatively.'. And then I beat my head on my keyboard.

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