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(A new fanmix idea I'm taking out on the road - one song for each character. Has it been done before? Almost definitely. But not by me!)

(...yes I am aware there was a musical...)

Listen to it here!

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Doctor Who: One Song Per Episode

Does pretty much what it says on the tin: one song for every Doctor Who episode, 2005-2013. (Two more songs for the upcoming end-of-year specials may be added later.)

Includes some songs that appeared on the show, but no songs that were *written* for the show- so no Song For Ten etc. There’s rock! There’s pop! There’s musicals! There’s some stuff that probably counts as British telly injokes! There’s something for every Whovian, hopefully.

Are you ready? Every single song title and its lyrics are under these cuts:

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Series Three )

Series Four )

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Series Five )

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That one time I said to myself, "wouldn't it be fun if you went through your vast music collection and picked out songs to correspond to all the major Les Mis songs?"

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Listen on 8tracks
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SO Tumblr is like the worst place ever for uploading fanmixes because I wanted to stick all these DEEP AND MEANINGFUL lyrics under a readmore tag but I couldn't I could but it looked ugly so Livejournal gets it too. (Here it is on Tumblr.)

Enjolras/Grantaire is very overfanmixed as a ship but what the heck, I wanted a mix of my very own! You can listen to it on 8tracks, or I've stuck links to Youtube on all the songs.

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This has been in the works since before Spider-Man 3, so it's about time I actually posted it...

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