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Rory's guilt at having an unexpected Ood-butler sounded pretty geniune. And you know what, I think it was. Real guilt. Cos Rory's lived through the Roman empire. He's witnessed slavery right up close...

He knows it when he sees it.
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[This essay has fallen from an alternate universe where Amy and Rory's genders are swapped- timey-wimey-spacey-wacey eh? They are now Andy and Rorie.]

There is much to admire in the characterisation of Rorie Williams. She kicks all kinds of ass, she is pragmatic and kind- and, most noticeably, she is the one who wields the sword while the man stays with the baby, in A Good Man Goes To War. Indeed, the importance of the pregnancy arc in Doctor Who Series Six cannot be understated- a man kidnapped, duplicated and used as an incubator, while a woman fights to save him! It was a bold and impressive move for the show, even if it wasn't really mentioned again.

But despite all this, there's something bugging me. And that's the simple fact that Rorie's entire life revolves around Andy- we have never really gotten to know her as a person the same way we have her husband.

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My fellow Amyrorycans, it has been a bad day. Our very hearts have been ripped out and trampled upon. It is worse than That One Time We Thought Amy Was Talking About The Doctor But She Was Really Talking About Rory, and worse by far than That One Time We Thought We Thought Amy Was Talking About The Doctor But She Was Really Talking About Rory (Again).

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We're looking at Rory now! There's a lot of interesting things going on with him in S6. They're rather subtle, but definitely there.

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Often the 'I think that's probably enough hugging now' scene is brought up as an example of Rory's jealousy and possessiveness, but while Rory can sometimes be a little jealous and posessive, that's not all he is. Not by a long shot!

Let's explain! First of all, the Doctor is a huge presence in Rory's life, but also Amy's...and while they're all friends, the Doctor is always going to be The Other Man. Amy did cheat on Rory with the Doctor, and then flirted with him at the wedding: there are very few people, male or female, who wouldn't have pulled their spouse aside at that point and gone "Dude/ette, what the hell? You're marrying me!" Yet Rory said nothing about that, didn't say anything at all about Amy and the Doctor's close relationship until Season Six rolled around. (Ironically, it was around here that Amy stopped flirting with the Doctor- probably because she realised during Day Of The Moon that Rory honestly didn't know she preferred him. Timing...) Rory breaking up the hug isn't that great a moment for him, but I think it's understandable, very much so. This is a very emotional day for all of them, too- Rory's probably thinking, when he sees the Doctor hugging his wife and stroking her hair, "That should be me." Or perhaps "You've had your hug, you've held the baby, now go sort all these incredibly dangerous circumstances out and leave us alone for a bit." Perhaps.

Now, on the Rebel Flesh Confidential, there's this interview with Karen and Arthur about Rory's platonic relationship with Jen the Ganger:

KAREN Because she's always had Rory in the palm of her hand so to have this happen just opens up loads of new avenues. And it's really weird for Amy as well because she's obviously had a roaming eye in the yeah, she's kind of not really possessive like that because she wouldn't expect Rory to be that possessive over her. So it was an interesting one to get...
ARTHUR I think Rory has to try not to be possessive, I think he has to try and keep it back...I think he actually wants to be going 'Hey!' all the time but he has to play it cool.
KAREN Because Amy wouldn't dig that.
ARTHUR Yeah. Rory just wants to be cool.

So what I got from that is that while Rory does have a possessive streak, he tries to keep it under control. So far he's not doing too badly: he never gets between Amy and the Doctor again, being perfectly fine to leave them alone for their last goodbye. The Doctor brings up the 'permission to hug' thing again in Let's Kill Hitler, but Rory's exasperated 'granted' makes me think he's tired of the whole thing.

Also worth mentioning: while hugging Jennifer in The Rebel Flesh, Rory glances worriedly at Amy, as if asking her permission (which she gives...she sort of shakes her head very slightly, and then nods.) So we can at least say Rory holds himself to the same standards when it comes to hugging people who might fancy you.

Also also worth mentioning: Amy herself doesn't seem to mind any of this at all: she's smiling when walking back to Rory after hugging the Doctor. Maybe in the end it is just banter between them- banter with a slight edge, like so many friends have. Or heck, for all we know she could consider it fair play for all the kisses the Doctor interrupted. Who knows? But anyway...Rory's actions in that scene are perfectly understandable, I reckon. Not great, slightly petty...but, just as you can forgive your friends moments of jealously or pettiness, I reckon I can forgive him...

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Hey lookit, I made an Amy/Rory site. It looks quite pretty. (Hit the image and you'll see it.)
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You hear a lot of talk (on tumblr and LJ and GB mostly) about how Rory is the perfect husband/boyfriend and all that. Don't get me wrong, he's awesome (he's pretty much my favourite male companion now), but...

I dunno, all this stuff about him being perfect actually sort of reduces him as a character, quite a lot actually. 'Cos he is, in fact, not remotely perfect. Who is? He gets jealous over trivial things, he's insecure about Amy, he allowed himself to be totally taken in by Jen just because she complimented him on his manliness and I'm still bloody curious about what that 'tragic mistake' was meant to be. (See below!)

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Anyway, on the whole Rory is a darn good husband and a darn good father (granted, we haven't seen him be a father yet, really, but ever since Amy's Choice when he gently touches the baby's mobile it's been obvious he wanted to be a father, so...) but yeah. He's got failings just like the rest of them. So no more Saint Rory! He's a well-rounded person and should totally stay that way.
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Some days you just gotta picspam. (This is quite heavily focused on Amy/Rory, by the way, but almost everybody gets a turn.)

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Doctor Who Series Five, Adulthood, And The Monomyth

I'm gonna let this speak for itself! Any comments are appreciated, hope you enjoy, and it contains speculation for Series Six. (Although no spoilers.)

Amy grew up and the Doctor can fix that. He does, but not in the way she expected. She grew up because she had to, he's going to make her grow up because she wants to. )
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Nice guys finish last, but Rory, like most people, isn't quite a nice guy.

How Rory is like Rose in many ways except some important ones )

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