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I'm doing this thing where I'm studying all the companions and their journeys throughout the show, as applied to the Monomyth. This one is Amy's!

The journey of Amelia )
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I found this article earlier, and near the top was this:

Amy Pond is a model? Because obviously, obviously all she’s good for is her looks. I mean, Moffat has pretty much said that time and again in reference to Karen Gillan. Yeah, I know this was hinted at in the last series, but seeing it fully realized made me so angry. Amy Pond (despite what her characterization over the past series may imply) is a fully capable woman who is truly quite brilliant, yet she’s been reduced to an object. 

It’s not working for me: it just comes off as criticizing a fictional woman by semi-shaming actual women. Is a woman who desires to be a model planning to reduce herself to an object? Is a ‘capable’ woman forbidden from being a model? What job is appropriate for a capable woman? Karen Gillan, after all, was a model herself. This speaks of agency (admittedly there’s a huge, huge conversation lurking somewhere in my mind about how much agency a fictional character can actually have), but ignores Amy’s actual choices.

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Naming Amy

Oct. 10th, 2012 02:03 pm
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Amy took the name Amy Williams by the time of Season Seven, or at least officially- she signs her divorce papers Amelia Williams, and of course she's buried under that name. It's a point that bugged me when I first saw it, bugged me quite a lot- especially since Rory has always been implied to take his wife's last name. Heck, there's even this interview with Arthur Darvill from SFX in 2011-

What would it say on Rory's gravestone?
Rory Pond, bumbling hero.

So what we actually got on the grave is disappointing for those of us who really liked that here was a man taking his wife's name. (In fact, Steven Moffat even specifically said in an interview, Rory has taken his wife's name- why change that, why?)

Now, within the context of the show, I've got to work out why Amy ended up a Williams instead. Because in A Good Man Goes To War, it's pretty obvious she hasn't taken the name- she clearly states Melody is going to be a Pond and not a Williams. Sure, she might have just preferred the way the name sounded, but that sounds like a outright rejection of traditional naming conventions to me.

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[This essay has fallen from an alternate universe where Amy and Rory's genders are swapped- timey-wimey-spacey-wacey eh? They are now Andy and Rorie.]

There is much to admire in the characterisation of Rorie Williams. She kicks all kinds of ass, she is pragmatic and kind- and, most noticeably, she is the one who wields the sword while the man stays with the baby, in A Good Man Goes To War. Indeed, the importance of the pregnancy arc in Doctor Who Series Six cannot be understated- a man kidnapped, duplicated and used as an incubator, while a woman fights to save him! It was a bold and impressive move for the show, even if it wasn't really mentioned again.

But despite all this, there's something bugging me. And that's the simple fact that Rorie's entire life revolves around Andy- we have never really gotten to know her as a person the same way we have her husband.

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Some meta to tide me over til the next series…

Did Amy want to be a mother? )
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My fellow Amyrorycans, it has been a bad day. Our very hearts have been ripped out and trampled upon. It is worse than That One Time We Thought Amy Was Talking About The Doctor But She Was Really Talking About Rory, and worse by far than That One Time We Thought We Thought Amy Was Talking About The Doctor But She Was Really Talking About Rory (Again).

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Filming spoilers of a Amy/Rory nature )

Amy's faith

Apr. 2nd, 2012 12:09 am
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The relationship between the Doctor and Amy: It’s complicated and painful (although very touching too). By the time we reach The God Complex, which is a whole episode focused around Amy’s faith in the Doctor, I was wondering why Amy had any faith left in the Doctor at all. He’s saved her and Rory a few times, true, and saved the universe…but Amy’s daughter is still lost to her. Which is why The God Complex could be ‘fixed’ in just five words…”I can’t save your daughter.” If Amy’s faith had been about faith in still finding her baby, and the Doctor had destroyed that…I think it would have made for a much better episode.

But I guess I have to take The God Complex as it is, not how I want it to be, so I put together a sort of theory. I think perhaps Amy developed a blind faith in the Doctor as a way of protecting herself, as a way of reverting to her seven-year-old self and blocking out all the terrible things that had happened to her. That’s why she sees her seven-year-old self in her room, because she fears being that person, that little girl, for the rest of her life. Always waiting for the Doctor to save her and never moving forward.

Just like Gibbis lost all his sense of personal autonomy…possibly Amy did too, in a way. Because if she puts her faith in the Doctor and lets him make all the decisions then she won’t have to deal with any pain or (misplaced) guilt she might feel. As odd as it sounds, I wonder if him calling her “Amy Williams” wasn’t what jerked her out of it…if that suddenly made her realise “Hey, I was keeping my own name, not taking Rory’s..why are you making that decision for me?”

Some incredibly clever person on GB pointed out that the Handbots anesthetising Amy is an exact mirror to the Doctor’s hand-on-face sign of affection to Amy-

Like Amy’s using the Doctor to put herself to sleep, just run around the universe and forget the terrible things that happened to her. I think it sort of works- people often shut down due to grief, and Amy lost her baby, one of the worst things that can happen to a person. Even if she does know her child as an adult, she won’t get to raise her, and that may well have caused terrible grief. So the Doctor had to jerk her out of it before it was too late.

This theory isn’t perfect- the Doctor is still making a lot of the decisions, after all. Although Amy accepts it, I still don’t like that it was the Doctor’s choice to drop Amy off on Earth, rather than hers. Hopefully, though, this will be retified in S7, and Amy will choose to leave the TARDIS because she’s found other things she wants to do, and because she no longer needs him. (Though she will obviously always care for him.) So…yeah, I guess I like to think he did save her. Any more anesthetic and she’d have ended up (metaphorically) dead.

I enjoy poking at things I dislike until they turn into things I like…
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Strange thought of the week: Amy Steven Moffat.

Well, in a very strange, loose sense. But Moffat started out as a Doctor Who fan in childhood, before becoming a writer, and then a Doctor Who writer, before graduating to showrunner. And Amy was a fan of the Doctor in childhood, and remained a fan all through adulthood, becoming companion to the Doctor and then mother in law to the Doctor...

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I've pondered Rory being Moffat's self-insert, but the more I think about it the more I think it's really Amy.
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After reading many LJ entries full of very good meta, and stumbling across this fabulous thread on Gallifrey Base, I thought I'd try my hand at my own analysis!

As you could've very easily guessed just from a glance at this journal, most of it will be centered on the Ponds- Amy and Rory, and sometimes River. Today's Amy's turn. So this is a chaotic and haphazard look at Amy's personality, her role in the story, and the things she's associated with. Okay? Okay! It does contain a minor spoiler for Series Seven, by the way.

Tomorrow (weather permitting) is A Tour Around The Pond Properties, looking at the set design of the Ponds' bedrooms and houses...

Amy, Darling )
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(A companion piece to this!)

As you can see by the other piece, I was always a bit annoyed by Amy trying to kiss the Doctor on her wedding day, but something or other on GB made me change my mind about it. Unfortunately I can't remember what it was or who said it. Buuuut, some things to think about-

a) Rory doesn't mind Amy announcing to the Doctor, "you may definitely kiss the bride", otherwise we can probably assume he wouldn't be smiling at her and dancing with her. He doesn't seem especially bothered by "We haven't even had a snog in the shrubbery yet", either- he goes "Amy!", there's that quick "My wedding/Our wedding" exchange, and then he cheerfully runs off in the TARDIS with her.

(Quick interlude! My fiance points out that it's not unusual for the best man, say, to kiss the bride. This is basically that with the genders reversed.)

b) Amy's later comment "Where are you going? We haven't even had a snog in the shrubbery yet" could be taken a few ways: her and the Doctor haven't had a snog in the shrubbery- or her and Rory haven't had a snog in the shrubbery- or they have not in fact witnessed any snogging in the shrubbery, which is of course something every wedding day needs. (And now I'm going to stop saying 'shrubbery' before I turn into a Knight who says Ni.)

Steven Moffat did once say something about that scene- something like 'Well, Amy won't always behave in a likeable way' -but I still like her, always have. Basically- I think the whole thing is just a joke or a bit of banter between those three, Amy and her boys. I love those crazy kids so much.
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Bits and pieces about this episode are starting to bleed through, so after giving DWM a thorough read, I think I might have put a few pieces together...

HUGE possible spoiler beneath the cut )
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Hey lookit, I made an Amy/Rory site. It looks quite pretty. (Hit the image and you'll see it.)
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The Prequel for Let's Kill Hitler is up...

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Been reading a lot about Amy's journey in Series 6a, and the fact that in a way her main character arc there is 'getting pregnant, getting kidnapped, getting rescued'. Which from a feminist perspective is somewhat of a problem. That essay I did about Amy and the Monomyth is still in my head, so I'm just considering where Amy's been and where she's going next...

Amy the artist, etc )
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Some days you just gotta picspam. (This is quite heavily focused on Amy/Rory, by the way, but almost everybody gets a turn.)

would you like me to repeat the question )
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Spoilers for the last episode!

on Amy )
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Doctor Who Series Five, Adulthood, And The Monomyth

I'm gonna let this speak for itself! Any comments are appreciated, hope you enjoy, and it contains speculation for Series Six. (Although no spoilers.)

Amy grew up and the Doctor can fix that. He does, but not in the way she expected. She grew up because she had to, he's going to make her grow up because she wants to. )

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