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Right! Isolated some parts of conversations that didn't pass to see if the isolated bits do pass. Since, after all, all that's required to pass are three lines between women that aren't about a man. And yet, quite a few episodes have failed...

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The Shakespeare Code

DOOMFINGER: But it must be tomorrow!
BLOODTIDE: Love's Labour’s Won must be performed.
(Lilith changes the hair in the doll.)
LILITH: Fear not. Chant with me. Water damps the fiercest flame.

Two lines about the play, then: the beginning of a spell. To kill a dude. (admittedly, an unimportant-to-the-story dude, but still.) Does the action of Lilith changing the hair in the doll signify that the conversation/the spell is about a man now? Well, this is the deciding factor for the whole episode, so...

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And now! one from the Moffat Era:

Cold Blood

ALAYA: Why would I tell you?
AMBROSE: Because if you don't, I'm going to have to use this on you.
(Ambrose has kept a taser from her collection of weapons.)
ALAYA: Now you reveal yourselves.

The thing Alaya won't tell is anything about a cure for Ambrose's father. But although Ambrose is motivated in this scene by saving the male members of her family, this three lines also reveal something vital about her: that she's willing to torture to get what she needs. So! Does it pass or not? What do you think?

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Welcome to part of my project to work out how many times Doctor Who passes the Bechdel Test! This bit's on Livejournal so I can post polls on it.

Basically, I need your help discerning whether the following conversations pass the Bechdel Test or not. Some of these I thought and thought about, and then just figured, put it to a vote.

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The Age Of Steel )

Fear Her )

The Shakespeare Code )

Midnight )

Turn Left )

The Eleventh Hour )

Cold Blood )

Night Terrors )

The Time of the Doctor )

The Caretaker )

Dark Water )
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I haven't been on here for a while and that's because I've been ill. My energy levels still aren't back up to normal and it's very annoying. :( Plus, let's face it, everyone has switched to tumblr now.

But if you wanted to know my thoughts on Time Of The Doctor, [ profile] skalja nailed them pretty much exactly.
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I have shared my thoughts A LOT with tumblr but not yet with Livejournal, so this here are all my thoughts distilled down into bite-size chunks


Spoilers, sweetie )

It was a good day.
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Damn, but An Adventure In Space And Time was good. Well done, BBC. Well done.
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I SERIOUSLY LUCKED OUT with the Doctor Who anniversary celebrations, because without EVEN TRYING I got that weekend AND THE MONDAY off. (And there was this! acksdiudfjhdlfjhdfudfpudf.) So my schedule for this weekend is: return from work on Friday, watch Matt and David on the Graham Norton show, sleep, enjoy Saturday, WATCH DAY OF THE DOCTOR, discuss on internet, watch this Doctor Who Afterparty thing, be super excited, sleep.

...and then go to the cinema to see The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Yay!
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The Doctor Who 50th anniversary trailer is here!


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New Doctor ahead!

In all honesty, I was really hoping for someone not white, or not male, or both. It's high time. But I like Peter Capaldi, so I'm sure he'll be good.
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Cover art- watch out, it's big )

Doctor Who: One Song Per Episode

Does pretty much what it says on the tin: one song for every Doctor Who episode, 2005-2013. (Two more songs for the upcoming end-of-year specials may be added later.)

Includes some songs that appeared on the show, but no songs that were *written* for the show- so no Song For Ten etc. There’s rock! There’s pop! There’s musicals! There’s some stuff that probably counts as British telly injokes! There’s something for every Whovian, hopefully.

Are you ready? Every single song title and its lyrics are under these cuts:

Series One )

Series Two )

Series Three )

Series Four )

Specials )

Series Five )

Series Six )

Series Seven )
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I may have gotten a little carried away with that whole idea...

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I really am sad about Matt Smith leaving Doctor Who, but I'm REALLY looking forward to seeing them cast Twelve. Because secretly I've been hoping for Richard Ayoade since before Matt even got the role...

...I mean, how can you look at that face and not think "Doctor"?
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Spoilers (sweetie) )
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Okay this one was all over the place so I'm just gonna seperate it into stuff I liked and stuff I didn't:

Stuff I liked and stuff I didn't )

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