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We're looking at Rory now! There's a lot of interesting things going on with him in S6. They're rather subtle, but definitely there.

The Man Who Wasn't Real )
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Yeeeees...I know I said I'd be doing The Timeline Of River Song next. But because a) it's taking longer than I expected and b) it's not really analysis, I've decided to make that a whole seperate project and finish Analysing The Ponds first. (I've gone back and edited some of the previous posts with new observations, too) So here we have...names!

Names in Doctor Who are chosen well. Sure, a lot of this probably wasn't intentional...but I don't care!

Names )
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I was gonna just do one post on colours and costumes, but the post got so long I split it into two. This one is about how the Ponds have matching outfits. Well, kind of...

Matching The Ponds )
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The second part (there's more to come, too!) of Analysing The Ponds. This time, we're looking in the bedrooms and houses of Amy and co. The set designers did a really good job here, as you soon will see...

A Tour Of The Pond Properties )

Tune in tomorrow (or maybe the day after...) for more!
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After reading many LJ entries full of very good meta, and stumbling across this fabulous thread on Gallifrey Base, I thought I'd try my hand at my own analysis!

As you could've very easily guessed just from a glance at this journal, most of it will be centered on the Ponds- Amy and Rory, and sometimes River. Today's Amy's turn. So this is a chaotic and haphazard look at Amy's personality, her role in the story, and the things she's associated with. Okay? Okay! It does contain a minor spoiler for Series Seven, by the way.

Tomorrow (weather permitting) is A Tour Around The Pond Properties, looking at the set design of the Ponds' bedrooms and houses...

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