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(Hello, folks here from tumblr!) Okay let's try this! I *love* fandom surveys, but I don't do them very often.

Results will be collected in a week and put in a snazzy graphic. If your favourite character didn't make it to the poll (I don't think I missed anyone, but I'm probably wrong) comment with their name, mmmkay?

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The IT Crowd FINAL EVER EPISODE happened yesterday! It was good. A bit overstretched, but good. (The IT Crowd is one of those shows that really doesn't work as a feature-length, but what the heck, they tried.) And they got back a lot of old characters! Apart from Denholm, which is a shame because he was always one of the funniest. Oh well.

Basically it was good but not as good as 'The Final Countdown', which is one of the most hilarious episodes of anything I've ever seen ever. Also I like to think this isn't really goodbye, there might be a reunion special twenty years or so down the line...
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I'm trying to teach myself Art. I've always wanted to be able to do Art. Then, to my utter shock, I managed some Art:
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Proper artists, you gotta help me! What's this called? Digital tracing? (Not a popular practice from what I can see...) Or something else?
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I have watched all of Elementary! Over a period of several days! It was good. It was very good. (I have subtitled it "Clever People Who Are Also Nice")

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I read the book Unwind by Neal Shusterman the other day- anyone else read it? It's good, but disturbing as hell.

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Also: I am an organ donor and I hope this book won't put anyone off being one, but OH GOD PLEASE MAKE EXTRA SURE I'M DEAD FIRST
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I am, at last...

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(A new fanmix idea I'm taking out on the road - one song for each character. Has it been done before? Almost definitely. But not by me!)

(...yes I am aware there was a musical...)

Listen to it here!

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New Doctor ahead!

In all honesty, I was really hoping for someone not white, or not male, or both. It's high time. But I like Peter Capaldi, so I'm sure he'll be good.
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I have a new idea for a game show! It's called "Jobcenter and incapacity benefits" and the object is to do everything right and get punished anyway. (Don't worry, at least you're not one of those lazy, feckless scroungers.) When in the game zone, you'll be expected to complete a variety of tasks including:

-Searching for jobs even though you're already commited to a NVQ course that will get you a job!
-Attending the jobcentre early in the morning then running across town to get to the venue for your course, because no-one seems to be able to grasp that yes buses are available but buses COST FUCKING MONEY
-Sending off a doctor's note! Booked the appointment? Good. Talked to your doctor about the thing you hate talking about? Goooood. The doctor's note never arrived, or we took so fucking long processing it it's run out? Tough! Go back and try again!
-Reading a newspaper! Here, have an article about how worthless you are!
-Reading Facebook? Here, have a badly edited meme image about how worthless you are!
-Haven't recieved benefits for two months? Jesus, you are really fucking lucky you've got people around kind enough to take you in and provide for you. Enjoy the crushing feeling of guilt every time you get something nice!

You do not win a prize for completing the game.
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I saw Pacific Rim! It was really good. Here, have some spoilers.
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Doctor Who: One Song Per Episode

Does pretty much what it says on the tin: one song for every Doctor Who episode, 2005-2013. (Two more songs for the upcoming end-of-year specials may be added later.)

Includes some songs that appeared on the show, but no songs that were *written* for the show- so no Song For Ten etc. There’s rock! There’s pop! There’s musicals! There’s some stuff that probably counts as British telly injokes! There’s something for every Whovian, hopefully.

Are you ready? Every single song title and its lyrics are under these cuts:

Series One )

Series Two )

Series Three )

Series Four )

Specials )

Series Five )

Series Six )

Series Seven )
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A awful, triggery BBC front page )

The news is rubbish today.
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Guys- y'all know Andrew Garfield has been talking about how Peter Parker should be bisexual? He really did mean it, very much so, by all accounts. And he was keen for his love interest to be Michael B Jordan, and...Michael B Jordan auditioned for Harry.


Guys. My OTP nearly became canon- I'd never have imagined that in a million years. Bloody hell.

And, much more importantly, there could have been a interracial bisexual romance in a mainstream superhero film, I have no idea how much influence Andrew Garfield actually holds over the Spider-Man franchise but he wanted that. Just imagine how big and how amazing, AMAZING, that would have been. Damn.
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I never noticed the 'top journals' thing before, is it new? Apparently I'm number 2102
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I had a weird dream last night that’s slowly coming back to me-

I was on a sinking ship. It was all very white and sterile, the inside of it. The water was rising really fast, and there were a whole group of people there, I think they were meant to be people I knew but I didn’t actually know them, they were sort of…shadowy.

We knew we weren’t going to make it out so I linked fingers with someone and everyone sat down and sang. I was singing ‘Radioactive’ - you all know Radioactive, right? I thought if I concentrated on the song then the drowning wouldn’t be so bad. It got to the point where I was just gasping out the song through mouthfuls of water, I think I got to the ‘I’m waking up’ bit, and everyone who was with me was dead. (I was still holding on to them, though, I don’t know how that worked.) Then the water closed in, and I drowned / woke up.

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I turned on the TV just now to find Mumford and Sons playing at Glastonbury and I started SINGING ALONG I want to be out at a festival and have a flower crown and a flag and stuff
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My god, my respect for Wendy Davies cannot be overstated. She basically played Just A Minute for thirteen hours and won.
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I saw Man Of Steel today! Four spoilery thoughts beneath the cut:

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