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"Oh shit," I realised towards the end of Captain America 2, as a load of government-approved flying weaponry took to the sky to target pre-decided threats, "This film is about drones. Of course. Shit shit shit shit shit."

I sort of wish I'd picked that up earlier, really. It was right there in front of me. Of all the Marvel films, I think this one's the mostly firmly set in the 'real' world, despite the fact that its main character is a 1940s super-soldier frozen in ice and resurrected in the present day. It deals with government surveillance, and the priority of safety over liberty, and how the people in charge can't always be trusted, and oh my god the 'good guys' kill so many people in this. The body count is through the roof! I mean, it's done stylishly, but it's still, well, done. (Although not by Captain America himself, as far as I remember.)

Speaking of Cap himself, he may be one of the title characters but I'm not sure the title really represents the film well at all. The Winter Soldier's actually barely in it, believe it or not, and it's much more a ensemble piece than a Captain America film, I would say. Actually, add a couple of scenes and it could just as easily have been a Black Widow film. She gets a lot of screentime and character development, and I love her so that's good. And FALCON, too! I think he's actually the heart of the film more than any of the other characters. He doesn't get that much to do but he comes off as a real superhero and loyal friend, without any of the dark side/untrustworthiness that a lot of the other characters had developed, so that was good.

But y'know, there's one thing I really want from a Marvel film that none of them have really done. I want to know about the people on the ground, the civilians. All the stuff in this movie- the weapons, the surveillance, the invasions of privacy- that was about them. Heck, technically, it's about us. And yet we never hear from anyone who's not either a superhero, a supervillain, or intimately connected to one of them in some way. But I want to know how New York picked itself back up after Loki's attack on it. I want to know where the money came from to rebuild all those homes and lives, and if it did. And I really, really want to know what happened after this movie ended. Were innocent bystanders killed by (spoiler alert) the falling helicarriers? Did superheroes start to fall out of favour altogether? Were people unnerved by the revelations about SHIELD, about how well their rights were nearly taken away? Were there protests? Riots? I'd give my right arm to see a story told from the perspective of the ordinary citydwellers caught up in all this, but it's probably not forthcoming. Oh well, there's always fanfic...

Other disconnected and very very spoilery thoughts:
-I really thought Fury was dead (let's face it, the odds of there being two black men in a Hollywood blockbuster and both of them making it to the end are slim indeed) but I'm glad he wasn't.
-I spotted the name 'Anthony Stark' on the list of targets. Also, I think just about every Avenger except Hawkeye (poor Hawkeye) got a mention.
-And Dr Strange did, too!
-If you've played any of the Fallout games, the bit with Zola might feel kinda familiar. (Largely thanks to the aesthetics and the accent.) Or maybe that's just me.
-I was really glad Maria Hill had a pretty big role in this. She's cool.
-It'll be a crime if there isn't a Black Widow movie after this. (I'd be totally up for a Falcon one, too.)
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